Public Files

Rocket and Payload Building Tutorial and Videos

Rocket and Payload Build Guide from Sonoma State University (.pdf) - Final version with choice of 9DoF vs. BME280 pressure sensor

Payload Software from Sonoma State University (.zip)

Payload Video - Tutorial from Sonoma State University. 

Soldering Video from Reedley College (.mp4)

Rocket Build Video from Tony Alcocer (.mp4)

Board Gerber File from Sonoma State University (.zip)

Eagle Board File from Sonoma State University (.brd)

Eagle Schematic File from Sonoma State University (.sch)


Drone Building Tutorial and Videos from CSU Fresno:

     Drone Building Tutorials
     Drone Building Videos
          1.  F450 Build Guide (.mp4)
          2.  Software Guide (.mp4)
          3.  Controller Setup Tutorial (.mp4)
          4.  Binding Tutorial (.mp4)
          5.  F450 Flying Guide (.mp4)
     Pre-Flight Checklist
          1. Fresno State Pre-Flight Checklist (.pdf)
Videos and photos from Rising Data training 7/17

Videos and photos from Snow Ranch launch on 4/1/17

Napa Valley College team: L to R: Kyle Creekmore, Mirza Baig, Klaire Hubbard, Prof. Erin Quealy, MacKenzie Duce, Jay Clarke, JC Abad

Reedley College team: L to R: Jonathan Valenzuela, Devon Cornel, Elena Ramos, Prof. Lauren Novatne and Nuala, Bryan Wilson and Eduardo Garcia.

Videos from the 2016 Training at Sonoma State University

Go-Pro on a UAV piloted by Prof. Greg Kriehn

Launch of Prof. Erin Quealy's Rocket